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Mark Drury

Junior Advisor

I take my role as a financial advisor very seriously as I wholly understand the challenges of being an immigrant in Canada with a UK background. In 2005 I immigrated to Canada and found the British ex-patriot community very poorly served for financial advice. There was loads of misinformation and very little sensible advice, and so, I began my long journey into the role of a financial advisor.

I started practicing in 2018 with a great mentor, Lisa Ramsay. She helped me find my footing in the financial services business. Prior to this, I had quite a few varied career paths such as an electrician, appliance technician, and soft drink maker.

The main focus of my business is centered around serving the British ex-patriot community, I find my particular experience and skill set make me an ideal fit for my clients. I know the issues they deal with, both in the UK and in Canada, and can provide better and more targeted advice. I work with ex-pats to increase their knowledge of the pension situation in particular. Many Brits living in Canada do not realize they are eligible for a UK state pension, and it is my job to make sure they are aware of their eligibility and work with them to maximize their state pension.

I am currently studying for the Professional Financial Advisor designation from ADVOCIS, of which I am a member. I have recently been certified in Socially Responsible Investing and this opens a wealth of possibilities for clients that want to integrate SRI into their portfolios. I am looking to continue my education in the financial sector with additional designations in the future.

In my personal life, I work with my wife undertaking the financial side of her Senior Home Care business ‘Comfort Keepers’ in Calgary. I also enjoy spending some of my spare time playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends online. Both my wife and I love to travel and spend time with our lovely granddaughter! We have a senior dog by the name of Gizmo and a senior cat called Silver, and between the both of them, they bring us a huge amount of happiness.