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Maritza Meneses-Leach

Junior Advisor

In 2019, a friend invited me to attend a presentation about what I thought would be about a new company. It turned out to be a life-changing presentation on “How to become an Insurance Agent”. During the presentation, it became clear that I needed to know more about managing my family finances. Right then and there, I decided that I wanted to become a licensed Life and Living Benefits and Wealth Advisor to better help my family and friends.

The importance of wanting to live a comfortable life in retirement and to have the ability to leave a legacy, either to family or charity, is a goal I truly understand and wish to help all my clients achieve.

Outside of my work with Trailane Financial, I hold a completed University Degree in Tourism Administration from Mexico City. After immigrating to Canada with my husband, we opened two small companies called Creative Concepts Marketing and SCL Security Services, which we co-own. I am also on my way to becoming a seasonal lecturer at the South Alberta Institute of Technology in Marketing and Sales.

With these experiences, I believe I am qualified and comfortable understanding those in the business community as we have all encountered similar challenges and opportunities.

I thoroughly enjoy working with small to medium company owners that have a desire to drive in a competitive market and ensure that, in case of an emergency, their business and their families are protected.

In my personal time, I am the President of the Junior League of Edmonton Chapter. It is a women’s organization that develops the potential of women through volunteerism, training, friendship, and support. We improve our city and the lives of people in it by giving women the chance to build their leadership skills, form lasting friendships with others in their community, and work with causes that they care about. I am also a part of the parent committee for the 2051 19th Alberta Dragoons Cadet Corps.

As a mother of two beautiful young women, I used to be involved in the parent committee of their ballet school for over 12 years. It kept me youthful and busy, and I loved being able to see my daughters enjoying their time at the ballet. As a Latin woman, I love to dance! I also enjoy listening to the radio, and when I have a moment, I like to read mystery novels and books about historic figures. One of my absolute favorite things to do is to play games and build our traditional 3D puzzle with my family during the holiday.