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Liliana Sirbu

Junior Advisor

I emigrated from Moldova to Canada in 2012 with my family. Coming to Canada I realized I was not up to date with financial processes, such as paying taxes and investment strategies. I ended up paying a huge amount in taxes every year which left me frustrated and struggling to support my family. I decided enough was enough, and that is when I became determined to take my struggles into my own hands. I put the time and effort into learning, not just an entirely new financial system, but also ways in which I can decrease the amount I pay in taxes, and ways to increase my family and I’s financial security.

Having gone through these struggles myself and having spent time learning and gathering information in the financial services industry provides me with the understanding and expertise to offer help to other immigrant families who are facing the same financial dilemmas.

I have an Economics Degree from Moldova and am currently working on continuing my training in the financial services industry through continued education. Along with my experience as an assistant manager and my role as an owner of DNL General Contracting Inc., I offer qualified and knowledgeable advice for small businesses and tradesmen who are looking to grow their wealth and achieve their financial goals.

My personal business philosophy is to know my clients, work in their best interest and help bring to life their important financial goals. I understand the importance of personal needs and individual situations. My ultimate goal as an advisor is to build meaningful and credible financial plans for my clients that will stand the test of time.

In my non-professional life, I enjoy spending time with my supportive husband and two wonderful boys. Since moving to Canada, I have discovered a new passion for the beautiful outdoors with hiking. Being able to gaze at and appreciate the gorgeous scenery with my family has created a lot of memorable moments for us. My family and I also adore traveling. Having the opportunity to see different cultures, infrastructures, and histories have helped broaden our perspectives and introduced us to amazing opportunities.