Trailane Financial

The Trailane brand began its journey in the 1930’s in Wanstead, Ontario as Trailane Holsteins Orville C. Ramsay and Son. In the 1940’s it became Trailane Farms. Trailane has always been associated with quality, from its accredited and vaccinated animals to its breeding and prize winning at the county fairs. In 1966 the dairy herd was sold, and Trailane Farms became strictly a cash and crop venture. Then in 1980, the farm expanded to include the breeding and sale of hogs. Trailane ownership has always been in the hands of a Ramsay beginning with Orville, then on to Burt, and eventually passing to Dennis. Trailane officially ended its chapter in farming in 2018 when the farm was sold.

In 2018, Lisa Ramsay opened a new door for the Trailane name, founding the boutique family run business Trailane Financial. As its Founder and Senior Partner, Lisa has worked hard to uphold the image of quality and dependency that the Trailane name has represented since its origination. In just over two years from its debut, Trailane Financial has grown from a single Advisor in Alberta to five Agents and a Document-Marketing Manager that now services Alberta, Ontario, and British Columbia.

The Trailane Financial Team is proud to offer their financial services and advice to individuals, families, and businesses and strives to provide a safe, comfortable, and educational environment for all their clients. Each Advisor places high value on putting their client’s needs first and prioritizes helping them achieve their future goals and dreams.

“Integrity, transparency, and honesty is how we do business. And we are finding it is especially important to uphold these ideals in today’s technology driven world. Our devotion to our clients is what drives us and pushes us to grow. They are our number one priority and in turn their financial needs, goals, and dreams are what we place the most value on helping them achieve. Our vision for the future is to not just define our place in the Financial Sector, but to reinvent how we do business in this industry and make financial care more accessible to all.”

-Quoted from Founder and Senior Partner Lisa Ramsay

Trailane Financial’s brand is the client, and because every client is unique – so are their financial planning needs. To accommodate different circumstances, Trailane offers both online meetings, and in-person meetings at the client’s location of choice. They also offer a variety of financial needs options ranging from full-service planning, to fee for service planning, and self-directed investing for the bold DIY individuals.

When you work with Trailane Financial, you aren’t just acquiring an advisor, you’re gaining a financial planner, a financial therapist, a rebalancing strategist, an investment advocate, a tax coordinator, and a financial quarterback.